"Children are a gift from the heavens..."

   ~ Native American proverb ~


Dedicated to the brave little children of Sandy Hook Elementary School...


 ~ A Poem for Mothers ~

Creating and retaining special memories has become a significant part of our culture. Those captured moments that leave indelible warmth within our hearts can today be transformed into not only meaningful keepsakes, but wonderful works of art. In honor of motherhood, this website introduces the combining of poetry and pictures, opening up a whole new artistic arena for those enthusiasts with creative interests and hobbies.

 ~ An Innovative Concept ~

From scrap booking to custom framing, the idea is to start a trend that any individual, poet, or “shutterbug” can use to produce special timepieces or family heirlooms to be passed down through generations. Therefore, whether using original poetry, personal or someone else’s; make it beautiful and have fun creating!

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~ Developing a Poetic "Frame of Mind" ~

‘God Used You as a Vessel’ is the only poem available at this time. It's purpose is to be creatively used "by mothers" or as a gift "to mothers". More importantly, the message it conveys is meant to give children (young and old) a different perspective on their TRUE reason for being. Take a look at the beautiful Samples** and see for yourself!

A downloadable E-Book** is offered with details on how anyone can create a masterpiece by adding their own personal touch. Continue browsing to learn more…

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